The Artist

Joseph C Shade is from the greater New Jersey area and is the founder and owner of Crim Rise Photography in Piscataway, NJ.  Joseph is a mental health counselor, poet and photographer. He aspires not only to partner with you to create some amazing photographs, but to also tell great stories from the moments of your life you love to tell and have told by close friends and family. His current specialization is private event photography and portraits with a heavy lean towards towards things he loves; like comic books, anime and cosplay for more personal projects. Joseph is a poet; framing the poetry of a moment in your life is a life long pursuit and love for him.

Joseph was on the social media team for Xposure101 Photography Conference which host over 300 photographers from around the country for 3 days of high level photography education centered around community and diversity. He is now a lead member of a social media marketing team for the Multi-Cultural Association of Professional Photographers (MAPP); which is a nonprofit national affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA); whose mission is diversity. As well as a lead member of the social media team for the Rock That Photography Conference; whose mission is to raise the standard of excellence in the photography industry. The Rock That Con seeks to accomplish this by providing high level education to creatives from all over the country and meeting each photographer at their current level. Whether they are just beginning or have been professionals for decades, Rock That Con has something for you.

What I hope to be able to contribute to you through my knowledge and accumulated skills is the visual storytelling needed to catapult you from your current level to the next. As well as the content needed to stay relevant and in the minds of your consumers, clients, customers and future business acquaintances and partners. Are you seeking to revamp your entire style or just update a few pieces of it? Are you looking to change the story your business or personal brand has been telling? Are you looking to start telling a story in engaging ways to reach out to and partner with your clients, consumers and costumers to better engage with them? 

A Jersey photographer  and poet who believes telling stories are the best way to capture life. And telling your story visually is a great way to engage with your  family and your community as you and they, live that life daily. 


Welcome to the adventure!

The Photographers’ Poet

Let’s create something together.