The Artist

Hi, I am Nathan J Welch from the greater New Jersey area. My stage name is Joseph C Shade (The Photographers’ Poet) and I am the founder and owner of Crimson Rising Photography, in Piscataway, NJ. I Have been successfully shooting Small Business and Portrait photography part time for the past four years. With a heavy lean toward cosplay and lifestyle art-nude for more personal projects.

I was on the social media team for Xposure101 Photography Conference and the Rock That Photography Conference and Trade Show; a 3 day conference which host over 300 photographers from around the country. Now a lead member of the social media marketing team for the Multi-Cultural Association of Professional Photographers (MAPP); which is a nonprofit national affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA); whose mission is diversity.  

What I hope to be able to contribute to you through my knowledge and accumulated skills is the visual storytelling needed to catapult you from your current level to the next. As well as the content needed to stay relevant and in the minds of your consumers, clients, customers and future business acquaintances and partners.  

I am a New Jersey photographer and poet who believes telling stories are the best way to capture life. Telling your story visually is a great way to engage with your family and your community as you and they, live that life daily. Frame the moments of your life like stanzas on a page.


Welcome to the adventure!

The Photographers’ Poet

Let’s create something together.