Perceptions and Reflections

Believing only in one’s own perception we look out into the world and see all there is to see. For we believe we know all the world has to teach. Yet for all we do see; it is but a brick wall obscuring our view, back turned away. 

Perception is built on experience. The experience of our lives and, if we’re blessed, the experience of those whose lives differ from our own. Books and stories, tales and whispers from winds yonder way. 

Building our perception, freeing our world view requires a look back. Not into the past. No, back into ourselves to breakdown the whys of our beliefs, our “truths,” our view of the world around us. At some point we must turn our back to the world. Instead questioning our reality, tearing down and building anew our lives. Becoming what we choose, not what our experience has chosen for us. 

Here is an image of a women