The Flawless Project

The Flawless Photo Project
Five (5) Themed Photoshoots

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1) Flawless & Braless

A concept of feeling comfortable with ones body in relation to clothes and traditional societal views on women having to hide their chest and nipples. From business, button ups and turtlenecks to sweater dresses, hoodies and light/dark colored tees, and sundresses miniskirts and skinny/mom jeans.                                                                  Comfy and Unencumbered

2) Flawless & Free

A concept of feeling free of societal norms around the human body. Free of shame, free of guilt, free of fear, free of feeling unworthy, free of feeling unvalued or only valued based on your body. Free to own your body in all its perfections, imperfections and its vast beauty in both. Free to give and free to keep as much and as little of your physical self as you personally desire. Free to showcase your self; that is, your personality as you choose to open up and when; on your own terms. Free to be seen or unseen, to show or not show; all that you love and love a little less about yourself; mentally and physically.
Free to express your self perceived perfections and imperfections.

3) Flawless Goddess

From comfy sweats or pajamas to the little black dress and killer heels, the coffee during a hike or tea while reading a book. The bare self and the goddess within; giving all the versions of yourself the opportunity to showcase the Devine about and within you. Nude and Clothed. Glow and shine or sulk and brood. Who is the Devine that is you? How is she? What is her comfort level? What is her natural state?Queen of your domain; where ever you choose that to be.

4) Flawless Nymph

The creative within. The pixie, the fairy, the angel, the demon. This is the other self. The you that is one with your environment and not the lord over it. A symbiotic relationship with nature, with bodies of water, with your couch and with your body. Roaming your habitat; be it water, sand, woods or grasslands.

5) Flawless Whimsy

Playful and fun. Dress up or dress down, cosplay and make up or body paint. Or none of it. Whimsical, carefree, fun, spontaneous and silly. Unleash the child within you and explore your world with child like adventure curiosity.
Where is the playful child? What would they create?
How would the you now; express that sense of whimsical wonder?

Each theme is meant to represent a different, yet whole aspect of the self. To contend with, confront and subvert societal norms. As well as to display the self to itself; that is to acknowledge, confront, accept and become oneself. To mirror the self that we tend to hold back; ofttimes kept hidden, back to ourselves. In this, it is my goal that the truest persona; the creativity, the personality, the humor, the lonely, the pain, the beauty, the self in its entirely be laid bare and vulnerable; willing to be known. Yet not unprotected. For the truest self is the whole of you and each piece of you at any given moment, as each and all of you is valid.

These photo projects may contain Boudoir / Implied Nude / Implied Topless / Concealed Topless / Concealed Nude / Glamour / Artistic Nude / Classic Nude / Figure Nude / Nude / Topless / Lingerie / and/or any other style of Nude / Naked Photography Session/Shoot; and may contain nudity, implied topless/nudity and/or concealed topless/nudity and/or various states of undress; at the least for those willing, wanting, able and of legal age (18+) only.

You will be photographed in accordance to the above statement which will be on the model release. This can be discussed and will be accommodated in accordance to your comfort level, which is: (Nude) / (Implied Topless/Nude) / (Concealed Topless/Nude) and/or any of the above stated levels/options.