New Friends and Confidence

This was one of the last images I captured during a photog/model meet up I attended in AC recently.

I had been up for well over 24hrs at this point and had intended to go home to sleep a few hours before this point in the evening. I decided to stick around for some food and help with posing for one more look with a model and photog.

Needless to say, my camera stayed in my hand. This model isn’t actually a model, yet she came prepared to slay.

Her friend was the model I stayed to help pose and once the photogs and her were set; this model/not model became comfortable enough with how I work to model for me.

It was a chill evening and I met some good people. Overall, I have to say I’m glad I stayed.

By the time I had left, I was approaching, if not passing the 36 hours awake. Yet, from working, to networking to photography; the hours went by quickly.

If nothing else, this smile was well worth it.

Where have you received a smile that made the whole experience worth it?