Unexpected Achievements

Life has been a trip these past few years. I’m sure you know as well as I. Yet, within this trip was an unexpected adventure. At the beginning of 2021 I started to create nude art and boudoir imagery. It was something new to me that could and did push my mind in new, creative ways. It did more than that.

Model: Calypso Ghost

This journey that I and my photography went on in 2021 encouraged me to meet some amazing models, photogs and other creatives. I scheduled more photoshoots than I had in years. Which led to me having more photoshoots than I had had from several of the previous years in my photography career.

Model: Anastasia May

I have developed some relationships with models and photogs that will hopefully last years and be a benefit to us all. Even more so, I have developed some friendships I did not think I would. Truly, this past year has been one surprise after another.

Model: Rachie

This past year has seen me step out of my comfort zone and start submitting my work to magazines to be published. I did not thing I was good enough. I did not think my works was good enough, or that I had enough skills. I did not even think that I was creating anything even worth being published in the first place. For all you creatives, you know as well as I do that imposter syndrome is a bitch and a half. However, I slowly overcame those issues. Somewhat.

Model: Xino Li

I became a published photographer in 2021. Not only a published photographer, but an internationally published photographer several times over for fashion, boudoir and artistic nude.

Model: Calypso Ghost

I have come to welcome surprises. They have for the most part been quite pleasant as of late. I even after having been published 14 times in 2021 after having never been published before, 2021 still had some surprises left inshore for me. I became published with my first cover of a magazine. Then a second magazine published my work on its cover. As if this was not amazing enough, one of these covers was the first cover for a model I worked with for the first time this fall.

Model: Watch The River Flow

The beginning of this year saw us receive a publication and the back cover of yet another magazine.

Model: Watch The River Flow

I cannot say what this year will bring. The future holds many possibilities. What I can say is; I hope to double, even triple the amount of photoshoots and clients this year from last year. I plan to continue to improve my photography skills and broaden my skill set so that I can be a better photographer for my clients. I hope to meet many more amazing creatives and I wish you all, clients, models, photogs, creatives all, a good and well blessed 2022; in good health, good company and, good art.

First Mag Cover with Model: Ashly Felicia

In 2022, how can I help you with your portrait and boudoir desires and needs?